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Hannes Bahrmann - Rattennest - Argentinien und die Nazis 4196

Hannes Bahrmann - Rattennest - Argentinien und die Nazis

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Hannes Barhmann

Rattennest - Argentinien und die Nazis

272 pages, softcover, 2019, in german language


The historian and Latin America specialist devotes 27 chapters to this rather gloomy subject. His book is chronologically oriented and follows historical developments. In terms of content, Bahrmann sticks strictly to facts and proven facts, but they have been prepared in such an informative and exciting way that the result is a very readable and immensely informative history book.

In order to make the background of the connections between Germany and Argentina comprehensible, the book also sheds light on the country's history. The descriptions of the Nazi wave of refugees heading for Argentina, starting around 1944, read in places like a secret service novel. It was far larger than generally known, wanted by the Argentine side and secretly supported in all respects.

The route led not only through the Vatican, where every 'good' Catholic was given a chance, provided intercession and hand money. Much also ran over the smuggler routes in South Tyrol. The entry from Northern Europe was almost unbelievable. There - on behalf of the Argentine immigration office - a functionary acting as 'representative of the Protestant Church of La Plata' saw to it that captured Germans were allowed to leave for his country. No one was surprised about the numerous 'comradeships' in Argentina afterwards.
(Review in Tangodanza 93 - 1.2023).