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About Us

Tangodanza is the biggest magazine for argentine tango in Europe.
We deliver quarterly to the German-speaking scenes with 100 pages of informations, dates and background stories for a high quality of content and aesthetics since 1999. We are supported by 50 free colleagues around the world, which have a hand in our success by adding their expertise.
We run 4.500 exemplars and are an independent publishing house on the german magazine-market and operate with a tight relationship to the readership.
We also release classic graphic- and print media.
In our shop is a selection on CDs, books, music sheets and more around the argentine tango.
We also have an info-section for events, dance schools, musicians, journeys and more.
Birgit Hohaus Birgit Hohaus
Subscrition-service, Kiosko

She manages any question regarding subscription and costumer contact. She also knows the perfect birthday-present for your friend.
regina.jpg Christine Grunert
Dates, Events

She knows all the events, communicates with the host and let the reader know about the milongas, concerts, workshops and more in their area.
Andrea Konschake Andrea Konschake
Editorial department

Trilling reports, interviews with dancers, concerts or new books around the tango - she is always asking, what lies in the interest of the reader. She communicates with the writers and the photographers and organise with their input the themes and ideas of the next Tangodanza.
Olaf Herzog Olaf Herzog
Publisher, Graphic desig

He is responsible for the aesthetics of the magazine, founder and publisher of the Tangodanza. Besides all that he organise the advertisement, works as a requested designer for graphics and has some more projects.