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Milongueros - Tango-Legenden privat 4409

Milongueros - Tango-Legenden privat

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Michaela Reisinger

Minongueros - Tango-Legenden privat

Hardcover, in german language, 138 pages, 77 color photos, format 275 x 285 mm



Ten years ago, Michaela Reisinger started a photo book project that has become a real treasure for friends of tango.
It offers a touching insight into the history and lives of the last authentic tango dancers from Buenos Aires - among them such resounding names as Julio Dupláa or Ofelia Rosito. All of them legends of the tango.

All of the people Michaela spoke with are well past the zenith of life or are no longer alive. The fact that they let the author look so deeply into their lives probably has several reasons. One of them may be that they wanted to show what value the tango has or had in their lives. Another reason may be that they want to show the readers the soul of tango, because most of the people shown have also taught tango. Or maybe they just wanted to be remembered.
The tangos mentioned in the text have a QR code and can be scanned and listened to.
(Review in Tangodanza 94 - 2.2023).



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