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Heinrich von der Haar - RikschaTango 4190

Heinrich von der Haar - RikschaTango

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Heinrich von der Haar


Roman, 160 Seiten, Paperback, in german language


The book is refreshingly unpretentious, written with a light pen without ever being shallow.
Precisely because it never psychologizes, it is, in addition to an amusing tango read, also a successful psychological novel. Laughter and tears, comedy and tragedy are interwoven - as in Life and Tango. ...
The reader accompanies the protagonist through Berlin's milongas, and is reminded of how many of the tangueros there, even more than elsewhere, are infected by the pathogen of neoliberal thinking: Potential dance partners of both sexes are mercilessly scanned before getting involved in a tanda. Here, only the market value counts, always also the concern for one's own, which falls or rises with a corresponding counterpart on the dance floor before the eyes of the others; and of course the striving for optimization of the expected pleasure, which keeps the corazón, inflationarily invoked in the tango, in hypothermia.
My unreserved recommendation to this book, which also describes dancing qualities very successfully from the inside view! (Ralf Sartori) (Review in Tangodanza 89 - 1.2022)