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Anton Volkov – In der Umarmung zwischen zwei Schritten 4188

Anton Volkov – In der Umarmung zwischen zwei Schritten

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Anton Volkov

In der Umarmung zwischen zwei Schritten – Tango Argentino ist mein Leben

219 Seiten, Softcover, 2020, Translation from Slovenian into German


Already on the first pages the reader is immersed in the poetic language of the tango teacher Anton Volkov, which runs through the entire book.
The author tells his story from a professional karate player to a clumsy tango beginner and finally to a tango teacher who feels that his personal absorption in tango dance is a natural progression. One likes to follow him as he fights his battles with the dance until he control it - some can probably identify with that. One also likes to follow him through Moscow, at that time turned towards everything new, different. Among them the tango, on that January 25 at minus 15 degrees, when a tanguero and friend of Volkov's helped him to his first encounter with the tango, the newcomer, who actually expected nothing but to meet interesting, pretty women. When he saw the teacher couple dancing, he could not believe that the dance was improvised, and immediately the author realized, "This is even better than karate!"
(Review in Tangodanza 87 - 3.2021)