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Roulotte Tango & Gaspar Pocai - Tango Gitano 5240

Roulotte Tango & Gaspar Pocai - Tango Gitano

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Roulotte Tango et Gaspar Pocai

Tango Gitano


Since 2008, the collective 'Roulotte' from the South of France has been thrilling the tango world with rousing, energetic concerts and meanwhile seven CD releases in different line-ups.
The nucleus of the different formations is formed by the charismatic piano virtuoso Julien Blondel and bandoneonist and singer Gaspar Pocai, who this time composed and arranged all twelve pieces, which unite under the motto Tango Gitano, i.e. Gipsy Tango or Tango of the Sinti and Roma on this CD.

Do 'Roulotte' do tango? Sure, Compás, sound pattern, dynamics and phrasing are definitely oriented to the sound of the Orquesta Típica. Does this sound like vacation and good mood? Absolutely. The musicians have fun, play exuberantly and sometimes experimentally. Does 'Roulotte' take us to France? Absolutely, and with hints of musette, bandoneons in accordion sound or dabs of sound that would also feel at home in the cabarets of Montmartre. Can this be played in the milonga? Most certainly, the collective pushes us across the parquet in many pieces inspiring, varied and yet stable.
Shipped in a simple cardboard sleeve. (Review in Tangodanza 93 - 1.2023)
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01 Tango Gitano - 3:51

02 Noche - 3:46

03 Y ahora qué - 2:49

04 Si te da lo mismo - 2:39

05 Milonga guacha - 3:16

06 Reir - 3:50

07 Otoño - 4:17

08 De tero y chimango - 5:03

09 Ella va - 3:28

10 Lunfa - 3:50

11 Gusanos - 3:17

12 Del otro lado del mar - 5:54

13 La Chanson de Prévert - 4:26


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