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Bandonegro - Color Aires 5244

Bandonegro - Color Aires

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Color Aires


Also with this CD the young Poles remain true to their concept. That means: to record tonally very good sounding, perfectly performed tangos, which are oriented to the old predecessor recordings and offer high danceability. In addition, they play what they enjoy ad hoc - or music they always wanted to play. With four milongas and two waltzes, Palomita blanca and Desde el alma, the non-tangos are slightly in the foreground this time. The milongas are a blast to play, as the basis, along with the more D'Arienzo quoting El puntazo, are the old recordings by Francisco Canaro, recorded between 1933 and 1940. Truly impressive. Piece No. 13, the last on this CD, is La Cumparsita - in the D'Arienzo style. Which brings us to the bottom line of great music to dance to along with a trifle to listen to, very nice. Recommended for all who like musically well done and equally good sounding tango.
(Review in Tangodanza 92 - 4.2022)
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"I never expected that Poles could play such a fabulous tango. Great respect."
(José Colángelo, the last pianist in Anibal Troilo's orchestra)

Length: 41:00 min.


01 Felicia - Enrique Saborido - 2:53

02 El puntazo - Alejandro Junnissi - 2:34

03 Ho hay tierra como la mía - Charlo - 2:44

04 Silueta porteña - Nicolás Luis Cuccaro / Juan Ventura Cuccaro - 2:52

05 Reliquias porteñas - Graciano De Leone - 2:39

06 Canaro en Paris - JuanCaldarella / Alejandro Scarpino - 3:49

07 La bordona- Emilio Balcarce - 3:40

08 A mis viejos - Osvaldo Berlingieri - 3:54

09 Palomita blanca - Anselmo Aieta - 2:13

10 Desde el Alma - Rosita Melo - 2:14

11 A los amigos - Armando Pontier - 3:36

12 Zum - Astor Piazzolla - 3:54

13 La cumparsita - Gerardo Matos Rodriguez - 3:58




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