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The following list is a summary over workshops for Tango and is listed by month. The adds are paid and updated by the host and we don't give any guarantee. Today is 19.6.2021.

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August 2021
Fri 13.08. - Sun 15.08. DE · Enger

Cosima y Mariano Diaz Campos + Ariane Schmalbeck & Constantin Rüger

Seminarios + Intensivos im Rahmen des X. El Tranvia!- Sommerfestivals

· Kleinbahnmuseum Enger · Bahnhofstr. 54
Seminarios und Intensivos zum X. El Tranvia! - Sommerfestival - Max 12 Paare/Kurs. Programm + Anmeldung www.eltranviamilonga.de
Infoline: eltranviamilonga@aol.com · www.eltranviamilonga.de