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Simone Glöckler – 111 Gründe, Argentinien zu lieben 4177

Simone Glöckler – 111 Gründe, Argentinien zu lieben

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Simone Glöckler

111 Gründe, Argentinien zu lieben. Eine Liebeserklärung an das schönste Land der Welt

309 Seiten, Softcover, mit 2 x 16 Seiten Fotos,  Berlin 2019, in german language


As a sympathetic travel companion, Simone Glöckler presents Argentina in the most diverse facets on 300 pages. She refrains from lurid presentation of spectacular and chumming tourist advertising, does not provide tours with 'turn right and turn left', but personal impressions about the art of bus driving, with affectionate irony described anecdotes that whet the appetite for the country, where culinary is not neglected.
One learns background information about the history of the national sweet Dulce de leche, the almost cultic meaning of the Matetrinkens or the Sunday Asado. Grilling the famous steaks is as much an 'almost-national sport' as demonstrating.
One begins to understand the soul of the Argentines, often incomprehensible to themselves, which is why they go to the psychiatrist as regularly as others go to the hairdresser. Their art of waiting and keeping waiting is admirable, as is the reliability with which they are unpunctual. Even those who are not enthusiastic about all 111 reasons promised by the title will fall in love with the country between dream, nightmare and lively life. (Review in Tangodanza 87 - 3.2021)



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