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Nacha Daraio - Tangos de mi Boca 5198

Nacha Daraio - Tangos de mi Boca

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Nacha Daraio

Tangos de mi Boca


"Tangos de mi Boca", sung by Nacha Daraio. Played by a typical orchestra and sung with the soft and velvety voice of Nacha Daraio, it includes classical tangos, vals and milongas. Nacha Daraio is a singer and tango singing teacher.
She was born in the neighborhood of La Boca. Her relationship with tango began in her childhood when her grandmother passed on to her at a very young age her love for the culture of Buenos Aires. Tango music and dance, the neighborhood, the sidewalks, the creek, the road are some of the elements of the Buenos Aires City scenario.
Twice a year Nacha Daraio is on tango tour in Germany. At the moment she gives virtual tango singing lessons to people from all over the world in Buenos Aires.
(Portrait of Nacha Daraio in Tangodanza 87 - 3.2021)

Length: 35:01 Min.


01 Siga El Corso - 3:06

02 Nido Gaucho - 3:57

03 Gota De Lluvia - 3:06

04 Torrente - 3:29

05 Oro Y Plata - 3:29

06 Arrabal Amargo - 3:18

07 Vida Mía - 4:01

08 Pero Yo Sé - 3:30

09 Yo No Sé Qué Me Han Hecho Tus Ojos - 3:20

10 La Luz De Un Fósforo - 2:54