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Patricia Müller - Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires 4126

Patricia Müller - Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires

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Patricia Müller

Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires, 36 Strategien um glücklich zu tanzen

254 Seiten, Paperback, ShenBooks 2012, in german language


Patricia lets us know how the Indios, African slaves, Spanish settlers and European immigrants shaped tango and developed its dance through historical situations, people and important places in Buenos Aires.
Through practical and simple exercises we will learn how to strengthen and relax the body, become one with our partner in dance, and ignite our emotions.
We will learn how to make a good impression in the ballroom and how to interpret the prompting correctly so that you never feel like a wallflower again! It's like being taken by the hand to discover the tango. Now there are no more secrets, Buenos Aires is waiting for us!


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