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Dirk E. Dietz - Der Todestango 4408

Dirk E. Dietz - Der Todestango

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Dirk E. Dietz

Der Todestango

260 Seiten, Softcover, in german language


It still circles over the dancers, the ghost of the 'death tango' that the nefarious Eduardo Bianco once brought into the world to give the Nazis a fitting soundtrack for their atrocities.
One of the dancers, historian and journalist Dirk E. Dietz, has now studied the phenomenon extensively. In his investigation, he concludes that the fairy tale of the 'death tango' is based on an act of deliberate communist propaganda toward the end of World War II.
As interest in the tango grew, so did the spread of this legend. It is therefore far from being true, as Dietz proves in detail in his book.
A strong book - and an important book for the tango.
(Review in Tangodanza 92 - 4.2022)