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Alexander Mága -Tango x 2 4198

Alexander Mága -Tango x 2

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Alexander Mága

Tango x 2

84 Seiten, Softcover, 2021, in german language


The Kiel artist Alexander Mága now invites you to dance with a pointed pen: tango x zwei is a small "vademecum" (accompanying book) aimed at passionate fans of the dance. And to those who will be able to resist the fascination of Tango Argentino "only for a short time".
About the history, about sources of inspiration, from the happiness of the beginning, to Kama and the concentrated eroticism of danced nights.
A pleasure in the best sense - for all senses! The richly illustrated booklet serves experienced tango dancers for orientation, but reveals secrets to the novice, in order to initiate after initial astonishment a deeper understanding of the irresistibility of the probably most sensual of all activities that can be performed while standing. A not entirely serious guide to smile.
(Review in Tangodanza 90 - 2.2022)



Alexander Mága -Tango x 2

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