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Flores Negras - Maldito Tango 5258

Flores Negras - Maldito Tango

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Flores Negras

Maldito Tango

The four 'black flowers' are a female vocal quartet that has existed since the mid-1990s, performing tango interpretations almost purely a cappella, accompanied only by a guitar. In the colorful world of today's tango, they are thus a splash of color.

There are polite to benevolent assessments of their artistic work from competent voices, such as Horacio Ferrer, Julio Nudler or Rubén Juaréz. They attest the ensemble professionalism, humor and above all originality in dealing with the musical genre.

The nine tracks on this CD include older as well as newer compositions, all arranged purely for choir. In this way, the music always stands out from the usual sound patterns. Often there is 'muted' volume, singing in head voice, or in phrase, reminiscent of the vocal style of female vocal groups in earlier jazz. Other design devices include imitative use of voices as in ancient madrigal or sacred music. This is contrasted with the use of 'scats', where the melody is sung or improvised on a vowel rather than on words of text.
(Review in Tangodanza 97 - 1.2024)

Length 29:51 min.


01 Gota de Lluvia - 3:35

02 Baldosa Floja - 3:04

03 Maldito Tango - 4:28

04 La Cumparsita - 2:30

05 La Última Grela - 3:58

06 Griseta y Milonguita - 3:12

07 Libertango - 3:11

08 Olvido - 3:34

09 Vals Ecológico - 2:19