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Azimut Project - No Tags 5218

Azimut Project - No Tags

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Azimut Projec

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There it is, the tango of the 21st century, still playful, borrowing from jazz and expressing the social issues of its time.
However, the quartet does not overload the music with a political message, on the contrary. Representative of this, in Simone Tolomeo's Charbons Ardents, violin, bandoneon and piano play the melody to each other perfectly seamlessly, carried by a stable double bass line.

The foursome crosses the boundaries of rhythms - between tango and waltz - and techniques - between pizzicato and legato - that it is a true pleasure to be a companion on the quartet's journey. "Musically, we want to evolve in tonality from the New York part," pianist Pablo Murgier says of the album. "Yes, please, and take us along with you," one would like to answer him.
(Review in Tangodanza 90 - 2.2022)

Simone Tolomeo (Bandoneon), Machiko Ozawa (Violin), Sebastián Noya (Double bass), Pablo Murgier (Piano)

Length: 42:03 Min.


01 Pompeya - 4:39

02 Clang Atelier - 3:54

03 Origami - 3:33

04 A Roberto Fontanarrosa - 4:14

05 Vivi un poco más - 4:25

06 Aeropuertos - 5:57

07 Trans - 3:33

08 Charbons Ardents - 3:02

09 Ausencias - 1:58

10 Hevrin Khalaf - 6:31