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German Kral: Adiós Buenos Aires 3199

German Kral: Adiós Buenos Aires

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Adiós Buenos Aires

Film by German Kral

Argentina 2001: Julio Färber (Diego Cremonesi), owner of a small shoe shop in Buenos Aires and passionate bandoneon player in a dance orchestra, sees no other way out in the face of the omnipresent economic crisis and political chaos than to emigrate to Germany, the country of his mother's birth. But then fate takes an unexpected turn.

He meets Mariela (Marina Bellati) in a car accident. The spirited taxi driver gets on his nerves at first, but soon worms her way into his heart, along with her son Pablito.
And with Ricardo Tortorella (Mario Alacón), the aged but still beguilingly singing tango icon of earlier times, Julio's tango band finds a new voice and almost regains its former glory. Should Julio give all this up for an economically secure life in Europe, where no one is on fire for the tango and love?(Review in Tangodanza 94 - 4.2023)

Producer-Director:  German Kral
Darsteller: Diego Cremonesi, Marina Bellati u.a. 
Filmlänge: 93 Min.
Language: Spanisch, Seutsch
FSK: 12

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