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tangoX - Borrasca 5216

tangoX - Borrasca

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tango X



Una Borrasca, a thunderstorm, a stormy depression is promised by "four musicians who approach Argentine tango from different directions and go their own ways from it" (cover text of the CD).
Five titles by Piazzolla gather on the CD, along with Gallo Ciego by Agustín Bardi (also erroneously attributed to Piazzolla here), La Loca De Amor by Pablo Vazques, and four compositions of their own. They are performed flawlessly, smoothly and purely.
Johanna Schmidt (violin, viola), Bart Rademakers (piano), Stefan Berger (double bass) and Stefan Kremer (drums) interpret the titles on and beyond the border to jazz so perfectly that we sometimes lose the thread to the musical idea of Tango (Argentino). The wonderfully rounded vals La Loca De Amor, this only known composition of the wandering singer Vazques from the previous century, serves here as a stirrup for the presentation of the short, interspersed drum solos. The courage of 'tangoX' to produce this CD is to be met with great respect, even if the expected stormy depression - la Borrasca - has essentially passed by beside us
(Rezension in Tangodanza 94 - 2.2023)

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Länge: 62:00 Min.


01 Die Ballade vom Schweineprinzen - 5:18

02 Borrasca - 4:42

03 La Rue Du Tango - 6:15

04 Adios Nonino - 7:23

05 Poema Valseado - 4:33

06 Gallo Ciego - 4:57

07 Invierno Porteño - 5:49

08 La Loca De Amor - 4:58

09 Fiebre De Comprador - 5:24

10 Lo Que Vendrá - 4:46

11 Soledad - 7:23