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TAXXI Tango XXI - Alimentation Générale 5207

TAXXI Tango XXI - Alimentation Générale

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Alimentation Générale


With their second CD Alimentation Générale (French for 'grocery store') the formation from Paris tries a 'concept album', which is rather the exception in tango.
Here the pieces are not to be heard individually, but in context as a total work of art.
Alimentation Générale is a short, courageous album, not always easy to listen to. It sometimes strays from the dance floor in the process, but returns regularly. It surprises, does not die in the beauty of the same old tango world and remains committed to tango as an expression of our social and societal environment. Just as the tango of the 21st century likes to be.
in Tangodanza 89 - 1.2022)

Länge: 25:00 Min.


01 Comida Lenta - 3:46

02 Damas 20h - 3:58

03 Big Mec - 5:45

04 Los Sabios - 4:40

05 Una Delicia - 3:10

06 Emergencias - 2:46



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