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Michael Lavocah - Osvaldo Fresedo (engl.) 4423

Michael Lavocah - Osvaldo Fresedo (engl.)

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Michael Lavocah

Tangomasters - Osvaldo Fresedo

246 pages, softcover, 2024, in English language


As a tango historian, you very often come across repetitive, clichéd stories and statements that go into little depth and are copied again and again. The books by Michael Lavocah from the 'Tango Masters' series are a major exception here. Few poke so deeply and meticulously into the sources, hardly anyone deals so independently and precisely with individual tangos, no one formulates his statements in such depth and detail and then backs them up with footnotes and an extensive bibliography in the appendix.
The structure of the individual chapters follows the familiar pattern: a descriptive section deals with Fresedo, his musicians, the musical development of the orchestra and sometimes also special events such as Fresedo's trips to New York and Paris or his problems with the record companies. Selected tangos are then presented.

One of Lavocah's great strengths is his language. Precise, often rich in imagery, to the point and setting the right priorities, he guides his readers through the noble musical cosmos of Fresedo's sound, contrasts the development of the orchestra with the other greats of the genre and highlights the milestones of his work, such as Buscándote or Vida mia.
The work is complemented by an extensive appendix. In addition to an index, a glossary of important tango terms and a bibliography, Lavocah lists all orchestral formations and their musicians up to 1951.

This book is part of the Tango Masters series by Michael Lavocah.
(Reviewed by Olli Eyding in Tangodanza 99 - 3.2024)