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Lea Martin - Tango Sehnsucht

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Lea Martin

Tango Sehnsucht

 192 pages, hardcover, 2022, in german language


In her new book, the author Lea Martin circles the topic of tango in 76 'columns' against the background of her personal state of mind: she invites us to a shared, pleasurable immersion in the world of tango and the soul landscape of the author, who explores the milongas from the perspective of her respective mood. The tango undermines the foundations of a society that is willing to adapt, refuses to accept constraints, and is therefore a "subversive force. Is it even suitable as a model of society?

Originating in the harbor bars of Buenos Aires from "the longing of the homeless," to whom it brings a "little piece" of heaven, the tango touches the soul - others dance themselves waltzing "into the seventh heaven of love," but without the intellectual under- and superstructure. The pleasure for the author is independent of the level of the dancer, because she loves not him, but the feeling that he awakens in her, herself, her own feelings.