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Joaquín Amenábar - Lets dance to the music ! 3550

Joaquín Amenábar - Lets dance to the music !

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Joaquín Amenábar

Lets dance to the music !

146 pages, Paperback + e-book and link to music examples and dancevideos

That is what the whole tango world has been waiting for: With this book you can learn to feel the music, detect impulses and convert them into steps. And to achieve all this you do not even need extensive musical knowledge, but simply this book, the link and the willingness to embark this training.

Joaquín Amenábar managed to develop a smoothly running method to dance to music and this year he finally published a practice book in english. And it works, because the author — same as a teacher — put a lot of effort into dividing the complex musical basics into many small units, which he later structured and understandably explained.

The link features specially adjusted audio and video material. Audios have been divided into small pieces which help with learning to listen closely and attentively. Rhythms and melodies are highlighted with extra recorded beats and lines. Videos are for inspiration, but also self-control. Each chapter contains a short explanation on what can be learned with well-structured tasks and matching audio data.
(Review in Tangodanza 2-2009)