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Michael Lavocah - Juan D'Arienzo (engl.) 4169

Michael Lavocah - Juan D'Arienzo (engl.)

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Michael Lavocah

Tango Masters - Juan D'Arienzo

295 Seiten, in english Language, Softcover, 2019


Now, then, the fifth work by Michael Lavocah, which is so far only available in English, but the author's easy-going, entertaining style is a great pleasure to read. As usual, Lavocah illuminates the essential developments of the orchestra as well as its formative musicians and singers in a sovereign and factual manner. As is customary in his other three monographs, Lavocah discusses individual tangos in detail in all chapters, relates related anecdotes, goes into more detail about composers, lyricists, and singers, or updates by pointing out, for example, the importance of individual tangos within the performance culture of the current stars of the tango scene.

The appendix completes this first complete examination of the 'Rey del Compás' with a brief biography of his early life, quotes by and about D'Arienzo, CD recommendations, a complete discography of nearly 1,000 titles, a listing of nearly 20 formations of the orchestra that has existed for over 35 years, an extensive bibliography, and a glossary of important tango music terms. Clearly, Michael Lavocah has delivered another fact-filled masterpiece that is extremely interesting and instructive in almost every facet and, like the previous volumes, is without equal. (Review in Tangodanza 81 - 1.2020)

This is the fourth volume of the series Tango Masters, which explores the music of the great orchestras of tango’s Golden Age in depth.