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Reyes Martínez, Monika Fröhlich - Tango in allen Lebenslagen 4417

Reyes Martínez, Monika Fröhlich - Tango in allen Lebenslagen

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Dr. J. Rodrigo Reyes Martínez, Monika Fröhlich

Tango in allen Lebenslagen – Anekdoten über Musiker, Sänger und Tänzer

235 Seiten, Paperback, 2023, in german language


Do you know why Carlos Di Sarli always wore sunglasses? Or who Malena was, the woman to whom one of the most famous tangos is dedicated? This book is guaranteed to give you the answer.
The tango dance couple Rodrigo Reyes Martínez and Monika Fröhlich from Berlin have collected a multitude of little stories from the world of tango over many years and have now summarised them in an entertaining volume. They are anecdotes that touch and amuse. Whimsical and funny, sad and thought-provoking, they reveal many informative details about the orchestra, singers and various tango pieces.
A discography, short bibliographies of the best-known artists, a glossary and a chronological table round off the book. The extent to which the collected anecdotes are actually true remains an open question. But they fulfil their actual purpose: to entertain, to capture a mood, to convey a feeling. And they create a link to the golden age of tango and bring the people of that time back to life.
(Reviewed by Dana Marietta Schuster in Tangodanza 98 - 2.2024)



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