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Michael Lavocah - Osvaldo Fresedo (engl.) 4423

Michael Lavocah - Osvaldo Fresedo (engl.)

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Michael Lavocah

Tangomasters - Osvaldo Fresedo

246 pages, softcover, 2024, in English language


"A poet said that the tango is danced with the soul. That's why I try with my group to reach this state of mind of the dancer and prepare his soul for the melody".
Osvaldo Fresedo (1897-1984) was the tango bandleader who emphasised the melody and brought romance to the dance floor. Always inventive, playful and modern, he eventually rejected the conventions of the Orquesta Típica and added vibraphone, harp and guitar to his line-up to create a dreamy, romantic style that is still very popular today.

The book takes the reader on a journey through Osvaldo Fresedo's recording career spanning more than sixty years - the longest and most varied of any tango musician.
This book is part of the Tango Masters series by Michael Lavocah