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Despelotango - Barrio de Salon 5247

Despelotango - Barrio de Salon

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Barrio de Salon


The CD is extraordinary. Intro: "You have to make a more joyful tango, a more optimistic one." Then a wild ride takes off with Loca, the proven milonga leader.
The 'Despelotango Orquesta Atípica Murguera' is about exploring a new sound in tango that relies much more on percussion. The title Barro de Salón is meant to refer to the origin of their music, the 'clay soil' of the slope: the African roots of tango, the carnival tradition of murga bands and Argentine rock music.
The group was founded in 2017 by the dazzling bandoneon artist Nicolás Tognola and the murga drummer Abel Momo. The arrangements and original compositions on the CD are all by Nicolás. For tango fans this CD is on the one hand a provocation, because milestones of tango de salon are played with percussion, tuba and the anarchic basic attitude of the carnival. On the other hand, the tango is clearly expanded and updated by going back to its roots and integrating influences of rock. Crazy fun that can definitely be taken seriously. (Shipping in simple cardboard sleeve)
(Review in Tangodanza 95 - 4.2023).

Length: 27:08 min.


01 Locx (M. Jovés / A. Viergol) - 2:13

02 Cumbia Milongera (N. Tognola) - 2:49

03 Sur (A. Triolo / H. Manzi) - 3:24

04 Canaro en Paris (A. Scarpino / J. Calldarella) - 2:17

05 Petalo de Sal (F. Páez) - 2:36

06 Across the Universe (J. Lennon / P. McCartney) - 2:32

07 No me Dejan Salir (C. García) - 2:23

08 Sonata IX / La Concha de la Lora (W.A. Morart / M.O. Campoamor) - 2:42

09 Tranquilo (F. Canaro / I. Pelay) - 1:53

10 El Rey del Compas (Principe Cubano) - 1:56

11 Espejo Red (Despelotango) - 2:24





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