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Orq. Tipica Sans Souci - Porteñisimo 5228

Orq. Tipica Sans Souci - Porteñisimo

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Orquesta Tipica Sans Souci 



The Silver Wedding is the 25th anniversary of a fateful union between lovers. And it is exactly this anniversary that the six gentlemen and five ladies of the 'Orquesta Típica Sans Souci', founded in 1998 in Buenos Aires, will be approaching next year.
However, the debut year of this formation - which was once founded to revive the great music and epoch around Miguel Caló and Osmar Maderna - seems to be well before the birth years of the musicians and ladies of the string quintet of the orchestra.
But this fresh wind and agile playing fill the ten well-known pieces from the period 1910-1955 with passion and modern virtuosity. The colorful string sound is contoured by three gentlemen and a lady at the bandoneons. The interpretation sounds full of pressure and emancipated. They all seem to pursue only one goal: Off to the dance floor!
(Review in Tangodanza 93 - 1.2023)
(Presentation of the orchestra in
Tangodanza 82 - 2.2020)

Length: 29:08 Min.


01 Porteñísimo - 2:46

02 Si Yo Pudiera Comprender (Featuring Emiliano Castignola) - 2:52

03 Remolino (Featuring Chino Laborde) - 3:16

04 Chiqué - 2:59

05 Luna De Plata (Featuring César Peduzzi) - 2:37

06 Trenzas (Featuring Emiliano Castignola) - 3:00

07 Fantasía En Tiempo De Tango - 2:51

08 Ausencia (Featuring Chino Laborde) - 3:00

09 Lluvia De Abril (Featuring César Peduzzi) - 2:46

10 La Cautiva - 3:34