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Carolina De Robertis - Die Tangospielerin 4186

Carolina De Robertis - Die Tangospielerin

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Carolina De Robertis

Die Tangospielerin

459 pages, Softcover, 2020, Roman, in german Language


A fascinating female destiny at the beginning of the last century in Buenos Aires, city of tango, hopes and lost dreams.
Buenos Aires, 1913: When seventeen-year-old Leda arrives in Argentina, she searches in vain for her husband Dante. She has to learn that he is dead. All she has left of him is the chest with his clothes. Completely on her own, she discovers a wonderful, sad music she has never heard before: the tango. But only men are allowed to play this music. With her father's violin, short hair and wearing her husband's suit, the joins a dance group ...
(Review in Tangodanza 89 - 1.2022)