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G. Gaggiotti/ S.Fioretti - All in one Step 4191

G. Gaggiotti/ S.Fioretti - All in one Step

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Giorgio Gaggiotti, Sandro Fioretti

All in one Step - Tangos’s Anatomy for Tangueros - ‚In search of lightness within the Tango embrace‘
The Biodynamics of the Tango step

211 Seiten, Softcover, 2021, in english language


One of the great religious wars of the tango community is fought over the step in tango dancing: Is it rolled over the heel? Or is it set on the whole foot with the ball first? Beliefs are brought into the field as arguments. There has been no broad analysis so far.
An interesting contribution to examine the tango dance with scientific methods offers the book 'All in one step' of the Italian tango teacher, physician and surgeon Giorgio Gaggiotti, which he wrote in cooperation with the bioengineer Sandro Fioretti - specialized in biomechanics and movement. The explanations are accompanied by large comic-like, simplified four-color drawings. It is a lovingly compiled work that invites you to turn the pages.

With many illustrations, this book very precisely explains and describes in detail the technique of tango.
With a foreword by Gustavo Naveira.
(Review in Tangodanza 88 - 4.2021)