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La Martino Qrquesta Típica 4272

La Martino Qrquesta Típica

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La Martino Qrquesta Típica

La Martino Qrquesta Típica


'La Martino' is a young tango orchestra from Buenos Aires. The typical 'La Martino' sound can be characterized as a variant of Tango Siglo XXI inspired by classical music. This CD features eleven original compositions by Nehuén Martino, the musical head of the group, and a tango by Matias Fain.
Martino and most of his fellow players have not taken a detour into rock or jazz; rather, Martino has enjoyed a classical music education. He told us that his approach to music was influenced primarily by Wagner, Chopin, Bach and Mahler, as well as Piazzolla and Gobbi. This has resulted in a fascinating and distinct sound that I would describe as 'symphonic' inspired tangos.
The very own signature of the pieces has a rhythmically clear and calm tone, filled with exciting melodic arcs. The CD was recorded back in 2016 by 17 musicians, including six violinists and four bandoneonistas. The CD is well danceable with clear rhythmic structures. It is a rare gem of current tango music because of the very unique, 'symphonic' inspired style of the tangos - and because it is hardly available anymore. (Review in Tangodanza 87 - 3.2021)

Length: 50:01 Min.


01 Rusia - 3:30

02 Pan de mi Locura - 4:19

03 Boca de vino - 4:30

04 Valentino - 2:43

05 Puerto de Origen - 3:16

06 ¿A donde va? - 4:18

07 Aflicciones - 5:21

08 Baraja muerta - 5:13

09 Añoranzas de mi pueblo - 3:52

10 Alimento para fuegos - 5:03

11 El facón - 3:20

12 ¿A donde va? - 4:17