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La Tipica Sanata - Conexión 5141

La Tipica Sanata - Conexión

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La Tipica Sanata



Hands caressing the strings, fingers flying over the keys, restless bellows and a bubbling mouth full of explosive and daring rhythms. La Tipica Sanata was founded in Lyon in 2009 and always brings a horde of high heels to the floors of French milongas and stages. Indeed, the group offers mixed, modern and innovative original compositions thanks to the introduction of the Human Beat Box .
A unity between rock energy and the fusion of tango rhythms, drum&bass, jazz and hip-hop. From Troilo to Snoop Dog, La Tipica Sanata reaches a wide audience and knows how to make the crowd immersed in their world....
From Biagi to Snoop Dog, La Tipica Sanata reaches a wide audience and understands how to immerse the crowd in their world...
(Supplied in simple cardboard sleeve).

Length: 35:00 Min.


01 Negros de Raiz - 4:45

02 Ven Acá - 5:05

03 Lluvia - 4:44

04 Osvaldo - 4:19

05 Dijo el Àrbol - 3:34

06 Siete Caricias - 4:001

07 ¿ Que Pasò ? - 3:26

08 Miga de pan - 4:18



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