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Rispler/Crins - TangoCocina

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Bärbel Rispler, Marjo Crins

Tangococina "Die Tangoküche"

80 pages, hardcover, 2022


"The Tango Kitchen" Beautiful encounters while dancing and cooking at home.
All this is summarized here, on good paper, with good design. One likes to take the booklet in hand. The usual pictures in cookbooks are missing, but most of the recipes are simple, so that you can easily imagine them.
In general, the booklet does not claim to be one hundred percent accurate. If you know how to cook, it doesn't hurt. Sometimes the quantities or cooking times are missing, but it is a tango cookbook. And tango is improvisation.

The booklet is divided into 'salad', 'main course', 'dessert'. In between are cortinas, this time as a break from the meal. Three to four pieces of music are given in each case, along the lines of the tandas: either tangos, milongas or valses. The respective titles are universally known, so you feel right at home with the sounds. The titles range from the 1940s to the present day, but within each cortina they stay in a particular period and often with a particular artist. So the cortinas here are the tandas, on Spotify you can find them under 'TangoCocina'.
My summary: A nice booklet that is practical to use. You can dance it as well as cook it.
(Review by Ulrike Dömkes in Tangodanza 91 - 3.2022)

In connection with the book, Marjo Crins and Bärbel Rispler have developed and published four coasters with different motifs.



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