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Dimitris Bronowski - Tangofulness (engl.) 4182

Dimitris Bronowski - Tangofulness (engl.)

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Dimitris Bronowski


123 pages, softcover, English edition


'Discovering connection, awareness and meaning in tango' - is the subtitle of Dimitris Bronowski's book, now also available in German. The editor of 'Tango Tips by the Maestros', blogger and organizer of tango retreats wants to help people to experience meaningful moments, 'tangofulnes' more often and more intensely through tango. He convinced the famous dancer Alejandra Mantiñan of his book: "So insightful and vivid! I liked the forms and images that came to my mind while reading," she says about a chapter on the personal path of development in tango.  

This book is for those seeking meaning, connection and mindfulness in tango. In a word, tango fullness. It's for those who know what it's like to be embraced and feel safe, for those who have experienced some 'best tanda of my life' moments and want more.

This book is also available in german.