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Schuhpuder - Danzarin 3900

Schuhpuder - Danzarin

14,80 EUR 19 % VAT incl.
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The idea, according to the manufacturer, comes from Argentine dance schools: a powder that also makes barefoot wearing, especially of dance shoes, more pleasant and comfortable. In collaboration with a Swiss laboratory, this product was further developed and is now on the market in a special bottle that allows the powder to be distributed throughout the shoe, right into the toe. It wraps around the foot like a protective layer, absorbing sweat and moisture to prevent friction and skin irritation. Last but not least, ingredients such as talc, soapstone, zinc oxides and other minerals make shoes less smelly ...
Dermatologically tested.

75g shoe powder in dispenser

Schuhpuder - Danzarin Schuhpuder - Danzarin

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