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on the tango pages of Tangodanza, the magazine for Tango Argentino.

Who would have thought that today, around two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, we would have to ask ourselves the same questions as a year ago: When can we travel again without a care in the world? Dance the tango? Or even live from tango, if it is our profession? When will all this madness finally come to an end?

On the other hand, if you look at the variety of exciting articles in our current issue, you are inclined to let the current situation fade away and dive into memories of a carefree, colorful and lively tango time or into visions of a hopefully someday redeemed tango future. But until then it seems to be a long and probably rocky road, at the end of which it would be desirable if all those whom tango once called could still or again look each other in the eye with empathy and respect for each other. That, at least, is our wish.
Stay healthy!

Your Tangodanza-Team


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