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Quintetango – Tangente 5233

Quintetango – Tangente

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The quintet has come together at the music conservatory of the northern Portuguese university city of Coimbra to dedicate itself to the work of the tango innovator Astor Piazzolla. This is his debut CD, and it gathers almost entirely very well-known compositions from the pearl chest of Tango Nuevo: Milonga del Angel, Las Cuatro Estaciones Portenas - the four-movement suite of the Four Seasons of Buenos Aires - and Soledad, the hymn to solitude.
Not quite as well known is the nine-and-a-half-minute, three-part Concierto Para Quinteto, a brilliant version of which Piazzolla's last quintet recorded in 1986. 'Quintetango', consisting of Artur Fernandes (diatonic accordion), Hugo Brito (violin), Catarina Peixinho (piano), André Madeira (classical guitar) and Miguel Calhaz (double bass), succeeds here in a respectable interpretation of its own. All in all a sympathetic, ambitious Piazzolla treatment.

Length: 50:55 min.


01 Concierto para Quinteto - 9:37

02 Milonga del Angel - 6:59

03 Primavera Porteña - 5:38

04 Verano Porteño - 6:15

05 Otoño Porteño - 7:13

06 Invierno Porteño - 7:37

07 Soledad - 7:54