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Esquinas de Nuez – Viajando 5243

Esquinas de Nuez – Viajando

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Esquinas de Nuez



Travelers should not be stopped, even if the destination is unknown.
For many tango musicians this has been a survival motto in the recent past. So it was for Jeremy Fast, the guitarist from the Rhine-Main area. Despite hard times, with the support of the Neustart Kultur program, he ventures a release of his latest trio album, titled 'Viajando'. The trio features new members Axel Schmitt (clarinet and saxophone) and Andrii Fesenko (accordion). However, Jeremy Fast has remained true to his proven style of purism and authenticity.

Less is more when it comes to the effect of the intimate and clear arrangements of the nine titles. One relies on the architecture of melody, rhythm and accompaniment and finds a relaxed place as a listener in this order. This demands a lot of skill and discipline from the musicians. No one hides behind lush ornamentation, exuberant vibrato, or waterfall-like unison runs.
I would have liked this CD for my very first tango lesson. Casual and sunny, the trio swings into jazzy atmospheres and spends the listener with small solos good mood.
(Review in Tangodanza 94 - 2.2023)

Lenght: 32:00 Min.


01 Lágrimas y Sonrisas - 3:39

02 Chitarra Romana - 4:16

03 Beroco - 2:54

04 Tanti Anni Prima - 5:41

05 Gracias a la Vida - 3:29

06 Mehr Zeit wird kommen - 2:56

07 Nina´s Smile - 3:24

08 Desde Alma - 3:03

09 Gopak - 2:24

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