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Barroso & Nisinman - Luft/Air  5185

Barroso & Nisinman - Luft/Air 

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Maja Lisac Barroso & Marcelo Nisinman



Air, breath, space are design elements of this delicate, chamber-musical dialogue, which simultaneously displays atmospheric density and shared inspiration.
The Slovenian saxophonist Maja Lisac Barroso, who comes from classical music, and the Argentine bandoneon player Marcelo Nisinman, who is anchored in tango - both have been living in Switzerland for a long time and have been musically connected with each other for several years - perform tango compositions here: By Gardel, Cobian, Piazzolla and Nisinman, Pedro Datta's almost forgotten vals El Aeroplano from the early days of tango and aviation, a chanson by the French icon Barbara that is also rich in meaning in its instrumental performance, and two church music originals by Buxtehude and Cabezón.
Those who succeed in letting themselves fall into the seclusion of these finely drawn musical dialogues will feel the breath of their own soul (Review in Tangodanza 87 - 3.2021.

Length: 49:06 Min.


01 Cuando tú no estás  - 4:01

02 Hombre Tango - 4:23

03 Danket dem Herrn, denn er ist sehr freundlich - 5:50

04 Mareados - 4:19

05 Aeroplano  - 3:37

06 Histoire du Tango: I. Bordel 1900 - 4:33

07 Argentinos en Europa - 3:01

08 Nantes  - 5:25

09 Escualo  - 3:37

10 Tiento del sexto tono - 5:50

11 Jeanne y Paul  - 4:02