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Diego Barral - Chamuyando Bajito 4199

Diego Barral - Chamuyando Bajito

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Diego Barral

Chamuyando Bajito

Tango and Stories, Spanish/German, 98 pages, hardcover, with illustrations by Mareike Hoffmann, 2020


Actually, Chamuyando bajito - which could best be translated as 'A little chat' or 'A quiet musing' - is the result of a musical-literary project born from the desire to introduce audiences to the poetry of tango. After performing it in several German cities and in Buenos Aires at concerts with different lineups, where the music was mixed with all kinds of stories, myths and legends, Barral has made an attempt to capture the whole thing in a book.
It is structured in such a way that he prefaces the texts of selected tango songs with his own interpretations and associations. Certainly, you have to play the music yourself, and those who do not speak Spanish will miss a German translation of the lyrics. At least one is compensated by the unobtrusive, lively sketches contributed by the illustrator Mareike Hofmann.
(Review in Tangodanza 92 - 4.2022)


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