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Sharna Fabiano - Lead & Follow

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Sharna Fabiano

Lead & Follow

272 pages, softcover, 2019


That the principle of leading in tango is transferred to leadership concepts in the professional world - e.g., in the manual on management - is well known; both practical courses and theoretical reflections are offered on this. This is not equally the case for the second side of the coin, the principle of following. Sharna Fabiano's book now provides a comprehensive analysis that fills this gap. The author has a twenty-year tango career behind her, as well as training as a coach and much professional experience in both fields, and is predestined to venture the comparative view with profundity.

Fabiano's focus in her transfer from tango to the world of work is especially on the role of following. The tango serves her as a methodology. She proposes not to name persons as leaders or followers, but to understand individual behaviors in their leading or following quality, which means that a person in different relationships and situations sometimes serves the one, sometimes the other principle and is aware of this change.

Sharna Fabiano's "Lead & Follow" is recommended to tango dancers with an analytical interest in the complementarity of the two roles, as well as to non-tango aficionados who are concerned with processes of teamwork - with a linguistic limitation, since the book is currently only available in the original American version.
(Review in Tangodanza 91 - 3.2022)