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P. Strotmann - Kant und die kopflosen Entscheidungen 4400

P. Strotmann - Kant und die kopflosen Entscheidungen

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Peter Strotmann

Kant und die kopflosen Entscheidungen

373 pages, crime novel, 2022


Inspector Kant really doesn't have it easy. Badly shaken by life - his wife has just left him - he stumbles awkwardly through both a tango course and an initially rather obscure case.
Several gruesome finds of body parts shake the provincial Rhineland town where he works. Kant and his team begin their investigation. As the investigation progresses, the reader must realize that nothing is as it seems.

Fortunately, there is Tango, which keeps interposing itself between the somewhat depressing and confusing investigations. Here, the reader knows what's what. Humorously and accurately, the author describes Kant's first steps, his awkwardness, but also the fascination that won't let him go. Whoever dances the tango - everyone knows this early stage, in which one, pardon me, not infrequently feels like an idiot. At least that's the way it is with Kant, whom one wishes throughout the novel that the life-changing potential of the tango might also take hold of him and bring new momentum into his life. At first, the purchase of new dancing shoes remains the most audacious adventure he faces. (Reviewed by Dana Marietta Schuster  in Tangodanza 97 - 1.2024)



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