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Kevin McAleer - Berlin Tango (engl.) 4174

Kevin McAleer - Berlin Tango (engl.)

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Kevin McAleer

Berlin Tango

264 Pages, Softcover, English Language Version, Berlin 2019


The novel consists of two parts: The author first proves to be a sharp-tongued observer of the Berlin tango scene. After a book about the Californian surfer community, he devotes himself here to Berlin's lack of relationships. And what setting would be more suitable than the tango? The tango experiences of the first-person narrator reflect apt philosophies and technical refinements of the dance scene..

The second part accompanies an American in Berlin, shaken by his midlife crisis, on his journey through the offers of noncommittal flirtations with the help of dating apps, swingers clubs or escort services. Until he comes across Sonja's radio report 'Die neue Treue' (The new fidelity). This reports from the everyday life of an open marriage as a wonderful chance to develop - but only for happy couples with a maximum of honesty and maturity...
This book is also available in an German language version.
(Review in Tangodanza 88 - 4.2021)