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Diana Garcia Simon - Ich hab' kein Heimatland 4404

Diana Garcia Simon - Ich hab' kein Heimatland

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Diana Gracia Simon

Ich  hab' kein Heimatland - Jüdische Spuren im argentinischen Tango

105 pages, paperback, 2021, in german language

The lyrics of the tango, which originated on both banks of the mouth of the Río de la Plata, are a literary and linguistic documentation of the migratory experiences of Argentine and Uruguayan society. Successive migratory movements brought new musical influences to these countries, new musical instruments, new themes. In this small study, we focus on the artistic influence of immigration of Jewish origin from Eastern European countries. Of particular interest is the Ashkenazi immigration caused by the Russian Revolution, followed by the immigration of German Jews.
Yiddish begins to become part of the tango vocabulary, mixing with other marginal languages of Polish immigration and with the already existing Lunfardo, the language of tango and the suburbs par excellence.
The stylistic, idiomatic and thematic blending opens up new perspectives on popular music, which since the advent of radio, this time uncensored, reached the family environment and emancipated itself from the suburbs and life on the margins. The themes of expulsion, repression and discrimination in their countries of origin are part of the new lyrics. The endless exile of Jewish musicians who stayed in Argentina or returned to Europe was also reflected in the songs here.



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