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Diana Garcia Simon - Gestrandete Dichtung 4403

Diana Garcia Simon - Gestrandete Dichtung

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Diana Gracia Simon

Gestrandete Dichtung

Politik und Humor im argentinischen Tango

  150 pages, paperback, 2021, in german language


Can the criticism to which the tango has been subjected for decades be sustained in this way? The author Diana Garcia Simon explores this question in her book. She has chosen tangos as examples that mark the transition from the Guardia Vieja to the Guardia Nueva.
She uses some tango texts as examples to show the range of intertextural connections.
She wants to tell us something about humour in tango and introduce us to tango written by women with their own, almost feminist themes.
She wants to show that the tango, especially with the beginning of the Guardia Nueva, is turning away from telluric poetry and towards avant-garde literature.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



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