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Joyride with Sexteto Milonguero 3150

Joyride with Sexteto Milonguero

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Joyride with Sexteto Milonguero

Film by Eszter Nordin, Media Mania Films 2018

This documentary was actually planned as an anniversary DVD for the tenth anniversary of the popular tango formation, it has become something like an obituary - or a beautiful memory.
Since 2020, the 'Sexteto Milonguero' no longer exists, to blame, if you will, the departure of a member, Corona and the artistic plans of the founder, leader, manager and singer Javier Di Ciriaco.
In the form of a road movie and in the style of a band diary, the film accompanies the six Argentines on their 2016 European tour, giving the viewer a glimpse of life 'on tour', of the everyday life of a music group on the road. In charming contrast to the everyday life on tour are the recordings from the evening concerts, well filmed and in good sound quality.
These cinematic sequences make the magic of the ensemble, its intensity, the stylistic range, Di Ciriaco's voice and the always somehow own sound, the very own arrangement once again tangible. All in all, this DVD is almost a must for fans of the now defunct ensemble.
(Review in Tangodanza 88 - 4.2021)

Producer-Director:  Eszter Nordin
Darsteller: Javier de Ciriaco (Gesang), Marisol Canessa (Violine), Gustavo Garray (Violine),  Juan Rivero (Piano), Alejandro Abbonizio (Bass), Mauricio Jost (Bandoneón) 
Filmlänge: 53 Min. + Extras 27 min
Sprachen: Spanisch, Englisch
Untertitel: Englisch
FSK: Released without age restriction

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