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Jaurena Ruf Project - Tango Symphony, El Choclo 4254

Jaurena Ruf Project - Tango Symphony, El Choclo

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Jaurena Ruf Project, Marga Mitchell, Tango Five, Stuttgarter Philharmoniker:

Tango Symphony, El Choclo


An ensemble of four energetic music obsessives, one of the world's best bandoneon players, a singer with a magical tango voice and an experimental symphony orchestra that suddenly discovers completely new sides to itself - these are the protagonists of this somewhat unusual "Tango Symphony".
The classical tangos of the "Guardia vieja", the "old guard" of tango music, meet here the large symphonic instrumentation, meet the Nuevo Tango of Astor Piazzola and new compositions of today. Raúl Jaurena, companion and friend of Piazzolla, lets his bandoneon do the talking, the musicians of Tango Five provide excursions into the lived tango present with jazz tango improvisations and unorthodox influences from Klezmer to Gypsie.
Maria Mitchell contributes ballads from the golden age of the "Tango Canciíon". And the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra becomes a tango orchestra: they walk in the footsteps of the old "orquestras típicas" - grandiose.

Länge: 72:00 Min.


01 El Choclo - 5:47

02 Que Tango Hay Que Cantar - 3:25

03 Mi Vida Contigo - 6:35

04 El Viejo Vals - 3:13

05 Mi Tristeza - 5:10

06 Adios Nonino - 8:34

07 Malena - 2:55

08 Pregonera - 3:00

09 La Cumparsita - 7:42

10 Tango Para La Juana - 5:13

11 Balada Para Un Loco - 4:59

12 Tango Jalousie - 8:33

13 Viva El Tango - 6:42