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Benzecry Sabá, The Quest of the Embrace 4407

Benzecry Sabá, The Quest of the Embrace

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Benzecry Sabá

The Quest for the Embrace

  237 pages, paperback, 2015, in english language


The History of Tango Dance 1800 - 1983

In 2009, UNESCO declared the Argentine tango to be part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Preceding this honor, there is a long history of men and women that created the dance, giving form to a way of life.

How was the dance of tango created? Who were its makers? How did the different styles come to be? Is there any truth in the rumor of its brothel origins? Why is it the most controversial ans passionate dance?

These questions, among others, are answered by Gustavo Benzecry Sabá in this book, which is not only a meticulous work of research, but also a heartfelt homage to all those who contributed to this most important cultural phenomenon of the Rio de la Plata region.



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